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"Their fires are fading from the sky, and when they have gone altogether, the sacred link between the world of living and the world of spirit-bears will be broken. Then living bears will be cut off altogether from their ancestors. They will be alone. The time of bears may soon be over."
— Aga about the Iqniq in Spirits in the Stars, page 68

Aga (ah-gah) is an old,[1] shrunken,[2] female polar bear with bright eyes.[3]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

Aga comes and finds Unalaq about to attack Toklo. She calls him back and tells Toklo to take her and Illa to see his companions.  Aga calls Toklo "Shesh", which means brown bear in her language, and she calls Lusa "Tungulria", which means black bear.  Aga seems to think that Lusa will play an important role on Star Island. She later tells the Seekers that she had a dream, long before Lusa came, about a "Tungulria" that will some how affect Star Island.
Aga is kind to the traveling bears and often asks their opinions on many things. When the traveling bears tell Aga of the poisoned seals, she at first doubts them, wondering how food that they have eaten so long could make them sick. She believes the bears that the moss will help because Lusa tells her it will help them. She offers to try it before any other bears, to make sure it is safe, but Ujurak says she wasn't sick in the first place, so it will make her sick unnecessarily.
When the Seeker bears are about to leave Star Island, Aga invites Kallik to stay with them, though Kallik decides to go back to the Melting Sea.


  • Aga's name means "mother" in Inuktitut.[4]
  • Aga has hinted that Illa may be her successor.[5]


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