"Well, I should. I can fight as well as any bear around here."
— Aiyanna to Toklo in Forest of Wolves, page 69

Aiyanna is a strong, fit, female grizzly bear.


In the Return to the Wild arc

Forest of Wolves

Aiyanna appears in Forest of Wolves, when she crosses paths with the Seekers multiple times, like when she saved Chogan for example. Toklo attempts to find Tobi's grave, which is now part of her territory, but she scares him away.  She was part of scaring off the wolves. After Lusa explained Toklo's story, Aiyanna felt guilty. Right before Toklo and the gang leave the forest, Aiyanna guides him to Tobi's grave and tells him that he can visit him whenever he likes.

The Longest Day

At the ending, Toklo and Aiyanna are seen with their cub, Oka.


  • Her name means 'ever-blooming'.
  • She has a crush on Toklo.


"Do I look like I need your help? Leave me alone! You don't even belong here. I've never seen you before. Just go home!"
—Aiyanna snapping at Toklo for offering his help Forest of Wolves, page 70

"Aiyanna. It means 'ever-blooming.' My mother said she called me that because I made her happy like she was reborn. Then... then she died."
—Aiyanna speaking of her past Forest of Wolves, page 96

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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