"Stay away from us. Touch my cubs and I'll rip your pelt off!"
— Akna to Lusa and Toklo in The Melting Sea, page 109 (hardcover)


Daughter: Iluq
Son: Kassuq
Book Appearances

Akna (ak-na) is a female polar bear.


In the Return to the Wild arc

The Melting Sea

Akna and her cubs are dropped off by a metal bird near Kallik, Toklo, Lusa and Yakone. At first, Kallik thought they were dead. When Akna woke, Lusa tried to say hello, but Akna freaked out and growled at Lusa and Toklo, telling them they would not hurt her cubs. Kallik tells Akna that Lusa and Toklo were trustworthy, and introduced them all. Akna introduced herself and her cubs.
Akna had a hard time remembering the no-claw den and the metal bird, but Kallik helped her remember, telling her about her and Nanuk crashing. Iluq awoke and asked Akna for milk, and Kassuq soon joined her. Akna told the traveling bears that she had no milk, and Kallik and Yakone caught a seal. Akna was wary of Lusa and Toklo, and always kept an eye on her cubs.
After Kallik and Yakone caught a seal, she gave some to her cubs and then ate some, giving her cubs some milk. The next few days Toklo taught her to hunt on land. When Lusa, Iluq and Kassuq got stuck when two male bears came after them, Akna charged in and frightened the bears away. Akna was sad when Kallik told her they had to leave, but Akna understood and hunted a seal with Kallik before they left. Akna is not seen again.


  • She reminds Kallik of Nanuk and Nisa.
  • Her name means 'sweet' in Inuktitut.


"Get away from my cubs!"
-Akna, scaring Toklo and Yakone away, The Melting Sea, page 129 (hardcover)
Kallik: "Iluq and Kassuq won't die.You'll all be okay, I promise."
Akna: "That's not a promise you can make."
-Akna and Kallik talking about Iluq and Kassuq, The Melting Sea, page 137 (hardcover)

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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