Artic Hares

Arctic Hare

Other Names
Polar rabbit
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Lepus arcticus
Diet Type

Arctic hares, also known as polar rabbits, are a certain kind of hare that live in colder climates. They are common prey to bears.


Seekers:The Original Series

The Last Wilderness

Tiinchuu, a healer in the Caribou Valley, has the spirit of an arctic hare. He visits Ujurak in a dream in the form of an arctic hare.

Spirits in the Stars

When Toklo is talking to Aga, he sees an arctic hare and chases it. He catches it, though Illa claims it was hers.
Later in the book, when Kallik and Ujurak are hunting, Kallik spots a hare, which she quickly catches and wants to bring back to Kissimi. A human comes and takes the arctic hare from her.
After that, Kallik, leaving Ujurak to stare at the flat-face denning area, goes to catch antoher hare. She finally catches one but loses it on the way back.

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