Arcturus (ark-ter-us) is the form of the Great Bear that appears to most black bears and grizzly bears


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

When the salmon aren't returning to the rivers, Toklo is sent to Paw Print Island to prove to Arcturus that the grizzlies are worthy of having the salmon return.

Fire in the Sky

Arcturus appears to Lusa, yet what he told her isn't mentioned.

Spirits in the Stars

When the Seeker bears have dreams of the certain bear they believe in, Lusa dreams of her mother, Ashia, who eventually turns into Arcturus.
Lusa has another dream about three black bears in the wild. She realizes that it is King, his mother, and his sister. Arcturus appears and tells her that she will learn more about her father later.


  • The brightest star in the sky in view from Earth is called "Arcturus" in reality.[2]


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