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"Well, that's alright, because you're in here, but if you were in the wild, like he was, you would need to stay away from other bears to stay alive."
— Ashia to Lusa in The Quest Begins, pages 88-89

Ashia (ah-shee-a) is a large[1] female black bear[2] with sleek, glossy fur,[3] a black nose,[4] and large paws.[5]


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Ashia lived in the Bear Bowl, but was originally from another zoo. Being Lusa's mother, Ashia was often seen with her, and was usually playing with or comforting her. She spent her time in the Bear Bowl sleeping, or snuffling up dropped items by the flat-faces.
When she started to become distant from the other bears, murmuring about the first zoo she lived in, not eating and becoming weaker and sicker, Lusa got scared and alerted the flat-faces. Ashia was taken away to recover. When she returned, she told stories about all the different animals she saw.
When Oka came and attacked a flat-face worker, Ashia tried to reason with Lusa that something was wrong with Oka. When she was taken away to be euthanized, Ashia comforted Lusa.

Smoke Mountain

After Lusa is injured by a firebeast, she had a dream in which Ashia and the other bears in the Bear Bowl appeared. Ashia told her that she needed to "Save the wild".

The Last Wilderness

Lusa had a dream in which she saw Ashia in the The Bear Bowl.

Spirits in the Stars

Lusa had a dream where Ashia appeared with stars in her fur and then turned into Arcturus. When Arcturus spoke, he spoke in Ashia's voice.


  • Yogi was mistakenly called her son.[6]
  • In Spirits in the Stars, she was mistakenly called "Aisha."[7]
  • When Ashia is seen in Spirits in the Stars, it is mentioned that there is stars in her fur, suggesting that she died after Lusa left the Bear Bowl.[8]


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