"You thieving badger-face! Are you a wolverine or a bear? Come back, scavenger!"
— Aylen to Toklo in The Quest Begins, page 185

Aylen (ay-len) is a female grizzly bear cub.[1]


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

While her mother is trying to teach her brother, Fochik, and her how to fish, she plays around instead until she is told to stop.
Aylen and Fochik then try to catch the salmon, but Aylen was too impatient and the salmon got away. When Fochik attempted to catch a salmon, he managed to get one. Their mother chased after Toklo when he stole Fochik's salmon, but he got away.


  • When asked about what happened to Aylen and Fochik, Vicky replied that Aylen drowned trying to get another fish.[2]
    • Vicky mistakenly called Aylen a male.[3]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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    in The Quest Begins, page 182

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