This page depicts the various back covers of Seekers books.

Back covers

In The Original Series arc

Seekers TQB Back Cover Seekers GBL Back Cover Seekers SM Back Cover
The Quest Begins (US Version) Great Bear Lake (US Version) Smoke Mountain (US Version)

Seekers TLW Back Cover Seekers FITS Back Cover Seekers SITS Back Cover
The Last Wilderness (US Version) Fire in the Sky (US Version) Spirits in the Stars (US Version)

In the Return to the Wild arc

RTTW IOS Back Cover RTTW TMS Back Cover RTTW ROLB Back Cover
Island of Shadows (US Version) The Melting Sea (US Version) River of Lost Bears (US Version)

RTTW FOW Back Cover RTTW TBH Back Cover RTTW TLD Back Cover
Forest of Wolves (US Version) The Burning Horizon (US Version) The Longest Day (US Version)

In the Seekers Manga

Seekers TS Back Cover Seekers KA Back Cover
Toklo's Story (US Version) Kallik's Adventure (US Version)
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