The Bear Bowl is the bear term for the Greater Vancouver Zoo.


Black Bear Area

The black bears are kept in this part of the Bear Bowl. This is where King, Ashia, Stella, and Yogi live, and where Lusa used to live.

  • The Forest: The forest is where all of the trees are located in the black bear area. It is nice and sheltered, and sometimes bears would climb some of the trees. The tallest tree is the Bear Tree.
  • The Fence: The fence is the barrier between the different bears areas. The fence also blocks the bears from leaving the Bear Bowl and protects the bowl's visitors.
  • The Mountains: The mountains are fake mountains located near the back of the bowl. There are caves inside of it where the bears can sleep, though King is the only bear not to use the caves.
  • The Cave: The cave is a small den where Lusa, Ashia, Yogi, and Stella sleep at night.
  • Bear Tree: The Bear Tree is the tallest tree in the Bear Bowl, and part of the legend of the Bear Tree. Lusa practiced climbing on it. At the top, you could see the face of a bear, named Old Bear.

Grizzly Bear Area

The grizzly bears, or brown bears, are kept in this part of the Bear Bowl. This is where Grumps lives, and where Oka lived for a few days after she was removed from the wild. She was put down, because she attacked a flat-face.

  • Tree: This is Grump's favorite tree. When Oka comes, she scratches the tree which makes Grumps mad.

Polar Bear Area

The polar bears are kept in this part of the Bear Bowl. The names of the bears in this area are unknown. The only mentioned bear was was quiet, reserved, and aggresive male.


When Lusa climbs the tree, she sees giraffes, elephants, and many other animals.

Known Residents

Black Bears

Grizzly Bears

Polar Bears

  • Unnamed male


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