Belugas Whales are mammals that live underwater. They mainly eat fish and crustaceans. These creatures live in pods.

Belugas have white, cream or ivory colored skin, and are similar in appearance to dolphins. They are preyed on by polar bears and orcas.




In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Kallik finds a river with belugas in it. The whales swim next to her while she walks.

Fire in the Sky

Ujurak shape shifts into a beluga, and sees Toklo struggling to get out of the water, but of course Ujurak has forgotten who and what Toklo is. After helping him onto the ice, Ujurak swims away. He later meets Uglu, a mother whale who has mistaken him for her lost calf, Pukak. Ujurak corrects her, and he meets Kassuk, a kind old male beluga and learns that humans are even destroying homes of belugas, injuring them with poisonbeasts as well as polluting the water.

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