BirthDen is the bear term for the den where a bear was born. Black and grizzly bears usually give birth under tree roots or in caves, and polar bears and grolar bears living on the ice make BirthDens in caves and snow.


In the Seekers Manga

Toklo's Story

Oka builds a BirthDen for her unborn cubs in Chogan's territory.

Kallik's Adventure

Nisa is digging a BirthDen for her unborn cubs, Kallik and Taqqiq, at the start of the book.

In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Kallik and Taqqiq are in their BirthDen when the book begins.

In the Return to the Wild arc

The Melting Sea

Salik's gang are terrorizing the bears on the Melting Sea, destroying BirthDens.

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