The Caribou Valley is a location in The Last Great Wilderness.  It is the home of the Caribou People.


In The Original Series arc

The Last Wilderness

When Toklo is hunting caribou, a flat-face cub finds him. He climbs up on a rock and falls off. His father takes him away on a firebeast. Toklo takes off after the caribou just after Ujurak changes into one. Toklo, Lusa, and Kallik follow the herd and find Ujurak by the Caribou Valley. They watch flat-face cubs play soccer until they go to find shelter.
When Ujurak gets injured, Lusa suggests to bring him to the healer in the Caribou Valley. When they bring him there, Tiinchuu nurses him back to health. A couple men come to the valley to purchase the land for oil drilling. Concerned for Ujurak's health, they take him away against his will so he can be healed in a hospital.

Known Residents

Caribou People

There are many other humans seen in the Caribou Valley, but they are not named.
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