"Get out of here. I've eaten my fill today anyway. But you leave my territory now! If I see you again, I'll make you wish I hadn't. You tell your mother that!"
— Chogan to Toklo and Tobi in Toklo's Story, page 70

Chogan is a huge,[1][2] old, shaggy,[3] powerful male grizzly bear.[1]


In the Seekers Manga

Toklo's Story

Oka is on his territory when their cubs, Toklo and Tobi, are born. Chogan is not happy about them being on his territory, so he constantly tracks them and sabotages the dens they build. When Toklo and Tobi try to take some of his prey back to Oka, he chases them. Unfortunately, they hide in his den, and they are trapped.
He sees them, but he lets them off when he realizes that they were his sons, and tells them to tell Oka to leave. Just as the cubs and Oka are about to leave, Chogan appears, thinking that they are still staying in his territory.
Oka and Chogan fight, but Oka still needs to take her cubs away. They end up leaving his territory. Oka takes Tobi and Toklo to the mountains after the fight, and Chogan roars at her never to return. This is where the book ends and Chogan is not mentioned again.

In the Return to the Wild arc

Forest of Wolves

Chogan is mentioned when Mantiiok called him "old grizzly", his nickname. Chogan then finds the four bears in his territory and chased them away. When Toklo left, he found the same smell on Chogan when he was in his childhood, and he, Tobi, and Oka were chased out of his territory. After a quick conversation, Chogan reveals himself as Oka's mate, Toklo's father. Toklo decided to leave his father alone as he is his only family/kin left. The story does not mention Chogan until the bears chase off the wolves and Toklo decided to go back to his father's territory and win it for himself. He told Chogan that he will never be his father, as he caused Tobi and Oka's death.
After a bloodthirsty fight, Toklo won the territory. He told Chogan that he may keep his territory for now until they find Lusa's kind and Kallik and Yakone go back to the Melting Sea. After that, he will go back to his territory and will claim as his. Chogan then turns around and walks off. The story ends when Toklo said to himself that he will claim Chogan's territory when he comes back and that Chogan has had his time, now it is Toklo's time

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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