"And then we crossed his territory, jumping from tree to tree so we never touched the ground. That stupid old grizzly followed us all the way, growling about what he would do to us when he caught us."
— Chula to Lusa in Great Bear Lake, page 301

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Brother: Ossi
Mother: Unnamed she-bear
Book appearance

Chula (choo-la) is a young female black bear cub.[1]


The Original Series

Great Bear Lake

Chula and Ossi are seen by Lusa and Miki as they go to eat in an ant hill. Chula shows Lusa all sorts of bugs and things to eat.
When the polar bears enter the forest, Chula and Ossi agree to go with Lusa to save Miki, but their mother won't allow it.


  • Chula's name means 'fox' in Choctaw. [2]

Family Tree


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