Coyotes are fox-like creatures related to wolves and foxes. They form packs and are dangerous to weak, old, injured or young animals. 


In the Return to the Wild arc

River of Lost Bears

When Yakone has his paw stuck in a footholder trap, Toklo sees a coyote. It meets his gaze boldly, lifting it's chin before going into the bushes. Toklo frees Yakone, but sees a pack of coyotes following them. They keep following them, watching Yakone. Kallik and Lusa are confused as why Toklo is rushing them when Yakone is so weak. Toklo finally tells them the truth, and Kallik realizes that they are waiting for Yakone to die. When Yakone's paw gets really bad, the group is forced to take refuge in a cave.
Lusa thinks of a plan - Yakone pretends to die in a gorge, but then the group will ambush the pack. When the pack starts trying to eat Yakone the group charges and they fight. Lusa gets cornered by two coyotes, but Kallik helps fights them off. The group kill two coyotes and the pack runs away. Once the group gets to the silverpath they see the pack has joined with another. Toklo distracts all the coyotes while Kallik, Yakone and Lusa jump on a snakebeast, but one coyote grabs Toklo as he jumps. Yakone drags Toklo onto the snakebeast, and the coyote is crushed to death by the snakebeast.

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