"Guess I can't compete with that. Just be careful, you two. These are still wild animals, however helpless they seem right now. And thanks for coming. We appreciate all the help we can get."
— Craig to Ujurak and Sally in Fire in the Sky, page 289

Craig is a tall,[1] dark skinned[2] male[3] human with curly hair.[4] He works near an oil rig on the Everlasting Ice.[5]


In The Original Series arc

Fire in the Sky

Craig is part of a group of humans that are helping animals out on the Everlasting Ice from the oil spills.
He meets and befriends Ujurak, who had turned into a human to save Lusa from them.
He is known for his long sermons about protecting the wild and preventing oil-spills, or so said his friend Sally.


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