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"Thank you, Dapple. Orcas came to the cove, many sunrises ago, and attacked us. A lot of seals died. We tried to fight, but there were too many orcas. And they came back, time after time, until few of us were left."
— Dark to Ujurak in Spirits in the Stars, page 168

Dark is a large,[1] male seal,[2] and is currently the leader of the group of seals.[3]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

He is the current head leader of a group of seals that Ujurak wants to move to a safer place so that polar bears who eat them will not get sick.
Dark is against the idea of moving to Ujurak's suggested spot at a bay because he and a few other seals believe that the no-swims can protect them from orcas.
Eventually, Ujurak in the form of an orca showed them that they can protect themselves if they work as a team. The group moved to the bay with Dark leading them.


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