Deathberries are bright red berries that look tasty to bears and other animals who are unaware of the danger. They are known as yew berries by humans.

Deathberries are very poisonous and the only known cure is to vomit or eat a special kind of moss that makes the the victim throw up the deathberries. The red skin and flesh of the berry is non-toxic, while the seeds are poisonous.


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

When Lusa, Toklo and Ujurak were going to the salmon river, Lusa tried to eat some deathberries by a BlackPath, not knowing they would harm her. Before she could eat the berries and meet certain death, Toklo bashed into her, hard enough to restrain her.


  • The same berry appears in the Warriors series, also by Erin Hunter.
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