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Doves are small, pigeon-related[1] birds.

General Infomation

Doves, like pigeons, are stout-bodied, with short necks and slender bills, fleshy ceres and vary in size. The smallest species of dove and pigeon is the size of a House Sparrow, and weighs only twenty-two grams,[2]  whilst the largest species is almost the size of a turkey, and weighs two to four kilograms.[3]
Mostly, doves and pigeons feed on nuts, seeds and fruit, though they commonly feed on littered human food.
Most species are common and some are considered pests, though a few species are rarer, one being extinct in the wild.[4]


In the Return to the Wild arc

River of Lost Bears

Toklo tries to hunt a dove, but Chenoa stops him. Chenoa tells him that her name means dove and she felt that it was wrong to hunt them.