"Dr. Green, huh? He's very good to his patients. I'm sure his daughter, Maria, will make a great doctor too."
— The policeman in The Last Wilderness, page 319
Dr. Green
Daughter: Maria Green
Pet: Piper
Book Appearances

Dr. Green is a middle-aged male human. He is a doctor[1] at the Eisenhower Medical Center.


In The Original Series arc

The Last Wilderness

As Ujurak is escaping from the hospital, him and his friends go to Maria's house. There they hide from the police. As they leave, a policeman stops Ujurak, who is in human form. Ujurak lies to him saying he went to Maria's house to get medicine.
It is then revealed that Maria is Dr. Green's daughter.

Family Tree

Dr. Green
Maria Green

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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