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Lusa's Point of View
Lusa is watching the fire in the sky, astounded by the beauty of it, the movement and colours. She remembers the bear bowl, and how she had never seen anything like it there. She thinks that Ujurak is right, that the fire in the sky is telling them to go onto the ice. Ujurak confirms her suspicions, and says that thye must trust Kallik to take them onto the ice. Kallik is delighted, although Toklo is not too happy about it.
That night, Lusa dreams of the bear bowl and her mother, Ashia. Ashia tries to tell ehr something, but Lusa too tired. Ashia cries out to save the wild, and Lusa then falls asleep.
In the morning, the bears decide to eat, drink and rest as much as they can for the treacherous journey ahead. Lusa looks into a pond, and stares at her reflection, thinking how much she had grown, how her ears had become larger, how big she had grown.
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