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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events that will be of consequence later.

These are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the likes.

Chapter 1

  • Lusa's point of view.
  • Lusa is looking at at the northern lights, thinking Ujurak is right about it being a sign to go on ice.
  • She worries there won't be food or shelter on the ice.
  • After hunting, the bears find a place to sleep. Lusa dreams about her Bear Bowl family and her mother warns her not to fall alseep.

Chapter 2

  • Kallik's point of view.
  • Kallik is very impatient and excited to get back on the ice.
  • After some of Toklo's complaining, the Seeker bears swim to the ice.
  • The bears make on to the ice and Kallik sees a lot of bubbles in the ice, which polar bears believe are ice spirits. Kallik starts worrying about the many white bears that have died.

Chapter 3

  • Kallik's point of view.
  • The bears continue to journey across the ice.
  • Toklo starts to complain about how boring ice is. Kallik tries to prove to him that it is great.
  • The next day, Kallik finds a seal hole and starts to hunt, but Toklo distracts Kallik by being loud and annoying and she misses her chance on catching a seal.
  • Kallik gets mad at Toklo and Toklo thinks Kallik is not fit to lead them. They get ready to fight each other.

Chapter 4

  • Toklo's point of view.
  • Ujurak stops Toklo and Kallik from fighting. He tells Toklo that Kallik is in charge on the ice.
  • Kallik challenges Toklo by saying he should try catching a seal. Toklo runs ahead to find a seal hole.
  • Toklo finds a seal hole. He sees the hole is to small to catch prey so he starts bashing the sides to make it wide like a river.
  • Toklo notices the hole is empty of seals, after all his hard efforts and getting a bloody paw.
  • Toklo walks onto thin ice and falls in, getting trapped under the ice.

Chapter 5

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak changes into a beluga whale
  • Ujurak saves Toklo and pushes him onto the ice
  • Ujurak watches
  • Ujurak finds some food
  • Ujurak encounters a poisonbeast

Chapter 6

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik and Lusa wake Toklo
  • Kallik builds a den for them
  • The colorful spirits appear dim in the sky

Chapter 7

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak meets Uglu
  • Uglu takes Ujurak back to her pod
  • Ujurak stays with Kassuk and the other belugas for the night
  • Ujurak remembers that he is a bear

Chapter 8

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Ujurak returns and Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa ask him questions
  • Kallik finds a half eaten seal
  • As they're eating, a mother bear snd her cub comes to eat their seal
  • As they're arguing, a giant male polar bear comes
  • Toklo, Kallik, and Ujurak fight him off
  • The mother bear steals the seal while they aren't looking

Chapter 9

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik tries to catch a seal, but fails
  • Kallik returns to the den and Toklo almost attacks her
  • They all go to find food
  • Kallik is scared and doubts her leadership on the ice
  • Kallik asks Ujurak for advice
  • Lusa falls asleep suddenly
  • When they wake her, Lusa explains that she feels really tired and she doesn't like seal
  • They continue walking until they reach a gap in the ice
  • Just before Toklo jumps in, orcas appear
  • As they jump across to the other side, Kallik falls in
  • A bight pale white light appears in the river and the orcas swim away
  • They all safely make it to the other side

Chapter 10

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak starts doubting his leadership
  • Ujurak realizes that if Toklo finds out he's uncertain, Toklo will leave

Chapter 11

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo asks Kallik to teach him how to hunt seals
  • As they're traveling, Toklo notices that Lusa is missing
  • They search for her and finally find her buried in a snow drift

Chapter 12

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa has a dream
  • The other bears wake her
  • Kallik carries her on her back

Chapter 13

  • Kallik's point of View
  • The bears continue through the blizzard
  • They decide they can't go any farther and stop fo the night
  • Kallik falls asleep and is visited by Silaluk

Chapter 14

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak is visited by his mother, Ursa
  • He remembers his childhodd and when he first shape-shifted
  • Ursa tells him to go toward where the sun rises and she'll be waiting for him there

Chapter 15

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik catches her first seal
  • Lusa finally admits she doesn't like seal
  • Toklo decides to bring Lusa back to land

Chapter 16

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Kallik and Ujurak try to pursuade Toklo and Lusa to stay
  • In order to keep Lusa awake, Toklo tells Lusa his dream
  • Toklo and Lusa find a giant firebeast
  • They explore the inside and find tons of food

Chapter 17

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Toklo and Lusa wake up to hearing the giant firebeast creaking
  • Lusa recomends they go eat before they leave
  • As they are eating, the ice starts cracking
  • They bearly escape as the giant firebeast cracks in two and sinks

Chapter 18

  • Kallik's ponit of view
  • Kallik and Ujurak wake up in a reddish-brown mist
  • They decide to stop for the day, but as Kallik makes a den, they find a bear in the drift of snow
  • Kallik builds Iniq a den and tells her the story of Silaluk so she will have a story for her cubs

Chapter 19

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak, Kallik, and Iniq escape as a giant firebeast comes crashing toward them
  • Kallik catches Iniq a seal and Kallik and Ujurak leave

Chapter 20

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo and Lusa see something that looks like land
  • They cross a river just asa giant firebeast crushes the ice infront of them
  • They relize the land-like object is a flat-face structure

Chapter 21

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa and Toklo venture toward the structure
  • The flat-faces see them and the jump into the oil-water to escape
  • The flat-faces shoot Lusa and capture her

Chapter 22

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurakand Kallik fall down a ridge a hit a giant walrus
  • They fight the walrus until it finally dies
  • Ujurak sees four lights in the distance, then two disappear
  • Kallik tells Ujurak that she had a dream Lusa was hurt
  • Ujurak announces to Kallik that they must go find Toklo and Kallik

Chapter 23

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo hides in a snowdrift to keep away from the flat-faces
  • Toklo finds where Lusa is held captive
  • The flat-faces throw fire at him
  • He creates a den to wait for Lusa in

Chapter 24

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa wakes up in the flat-face den
  • The cleaners relize she is a black bear

Chapter 25

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo relizes Lusa is in a cage
  • Toklo hears and smells more bears coming toward him
  • Toklo jumps out to attack
  • Toklo is reunited with Ujurak and Kallik

Chapter 26

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa sees a large, old polar bear in a cage
  • The flat-faces bring Lusa bowl of meat but Lusa doesn't eat it
  • They return with a bowl of fruit and she eats it

Chapter 27

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik and Toklo suggest to Ujurak to change into a flat-face and free Lusa
  • Ujurak explains to them that when he changes, he forgets who he is

Chapter 28

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak changes into a flat-face and finds a fire-beast with clothes inside
  • Ujurak meets Craig and Sally
  • Sally show Ujurak around the tent
  • Sally explains that they will release the animals to the wild when they're better
  • Erica and other workers bring in birds for them to clean

Chapter 29

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa relizes Ujurak is there
  • The old, white bear talks to Lusa about the ice
  • Lusa offers to take him with her when she escapes, but he turns her down

Chapter 30

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo and Kallik go to the flat-face den
  • Toklo almost attacks Kallik
  • A fire-beast comes by and nearly hits them
  • Kallik suggest that they go hunting
  • Toklo catches his first seal

Chapter 31

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Sally tries to get Ujurak to travel the world with her
  • Ujurak finds a fire-beast and gets supplies that might help him free Lusa
  • Ujurak frees Lusa from the cage
  • Lusa turns to the old polar bear's cage, but decides against it
  • As Ujurak leaves the tent, Sally finds him
  • Ujurak introduces Sally to Lusa
  • Ujurak changes to a bear and follows Lusa

Chapter 32

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Ujurak and Lusa find Kallik and Toklo
  • Ujurak tells Lusa that she can stay, and then begs her not to leave
  • Together, Lusa, Toklo, Kallik, and Ujurak run toward the rising sun
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