A Flat-Face Den is the bear term for a house or any place that a human lives in. Flat-face dens can be dangerous for bears, since there are humans and sometimes dogs inside.


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Lusa goes past some flat-face dens on her way to find Toklo so that she can find food.

Great Bear Lake

Lusa, Toklo and Ujurak go to flat-face dens to look for food. Lusa finds some and narrowly avoids a dog, but Toklo and Ujurak refuse to eat the flat-face food. At Great Bear Lake, Miki tells Lusa that his mother and father went into a flat-face den looking for food, but they never came out.

Smoke Mountain

The bears have to go near the Flat-Face Dens to find food. Taqqiq is attacked by dogs, but Toklo saves him.

The Last Wilderness

Human-Ujurak goes into Maria's Flat-Face Den to hide with Lusa, Toklo and Kallik.

Fire in the Sky

Lusa and several other animals are being kept in a special flat-face den so that they can recover from being stranded in oil and be released.

Spirits in the Stars

Human-Ujurak goes into an igloo Flat-Face Dens. He borrows clothes, eats some cooked seal meat, and he goes into Tulugaq's igloo. 
As ravens, they see the effect that the oil rig is having on Star Island. Tulugaq then dies.

In the Return to the Wild arc

Island of Shadows

The bears encounter some flat-face dens and they find food.

The Melting Sea

Lusa goes off in the night to some Flat-Face Dens. She tries to find some food for the bears, only to be attacked and injured by dogs. She is saved by Ujurak in the form of a dog.

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