Geese are a kind of bird. They make loud honking noises to scare away enemies and communicate.


In The Original Series arc

Canadian Goose

The Last Wilderness

Ujurak turns into a snow goose to try to help Toklo catch one, but he forgets who he is. When Ujurak is a snow goose he accidentally swallows a fish hook, showing how dangerous human objects can be to geese. The rest of the flock fly away, and Ujurak's throat is torn when he changes back into a bear.

Fire in the Sky

Before they go out to the ice, Toklo and Kallik find a large flock of snow geese asleep. They each catch one. While they're eating them, Kallik sniffs a feather up her nose.

Goose Terms

  • Slugbrain (insult)
  • Landwalker (humans)
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