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Lusa's PoV
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Lusa's Point of View
After a long trek, Lusa has finally found Toklo. She tries to tell him the message Oka had for him, to tell her that she was sorry and that she loved him, but Toklo turns away, telling her that he didn't want to hear it. Lusa protests, but Toklo refuses to let her tell him the message. Lusa, confused and disappointed, turns to the other grizzly bear, and is overcome with confusion, thinking that he had been a hare before. She looks at his ears to see anything different, and he tells her that he is Ujurak. She asks him what he is, and he says he dosen't know. He says he is sometimes a hare, or any other animal, and that he hopes that he is truly a grizzly bear. Ujurak tells her that he and Toklo are on a journey, and offers her to come with them. Toklo tries to make Ujurak change his mind, but Ujurak insists that Lusa came with them.
That night, Lusa is in a tree, listening to Ujurak and Toklo talking. Once again, Toklo is trying to make Ujurak change his mind and leave Lusa behind. Lusa is about to jump down, when Ujurak reasons with Toklo, syaing that Lusa somehow was part of their journey. Angry, Toklo lets out a huff, and the two bears below her and Lusa drift into sleep.






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