Grolar bears (also known as pizzly bears or prizzly bears) are a hybrid between grizzly bears and polar bears.


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Grolar bears are usually creamy colored, smudged with russet or brown, though they can be almost completely white or brown with polar/grizzly features. They have thick fur and long claws. Their bodies are smaller than that of polar bears, but larger than grizzlies, while their heads fall between the broader grizzly head and the leaner polar bear.
They have long necks like polar bears, but small shoulder humps like grizzlies.  The soles of their feet are partially covered in hair. They also have humped backs like grizzlies, a trait with polar bears lack. Hybrids born in zoos have shown their behavior is more similar to polar bears than grizzlies.
When given toys, they would rear and come crashing down on it, like polar bears do to crack ice concealing seal pups. They also hurled sacks to the side as polar bears may throw prey.
When both items were given to grizzlies, it was shown that grizzlies show less or no such behavior. Also, they lay down like polar bears, on their stomachs with their back legs splayed out.


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In the Return to the Wild arc

Island of Shadows

Nanulak appears in Island of Shadows. His mother is a grizzly bear and his father is a polar bear. There are many other grolar bears who appear on the Island of Shadows.

The Melting Sea

Nanulak is briefly mentioned when Toklo thought it was good that he wasn't with them.

River of Lost Bears

When Toklo considers Chenoa journeying with them, he hesitates when he thinks about Nanulak, and wonders if Chenoa is like him.

Named Grolar Bears


  • Canadian wildlife officials have suggested calling the hybrid "Nanulak"; which is the name of the only named grolar bear so far in the Seekers series.
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