"That grizzly over there, for one. He didn't eat for three days, and the flat-faces took him away, and when he came back several sun-ups later, he was eating enough for ten bears."
King about Grumps in The Quest Begins, page 131

Grumps is a large,[1] male grizzly bear.[2]


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Grumps is the only grizzly bear that lives in the grizzly bear part of the Bear Bowl. Although Grumps' real name is not known, Lusa and Yogi nickname him "Grumps" out of amusement, because of his grumpy appearance and attitude.
Grumps shows no interest in Oka when she comes to the zoo. He also shows distaste of Oka when he sees that she had clawed his tree.


  • Grumps' real name is unknown.


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