"Of course you're fine. Now, get out of here, Chenoa. And next time you want to leave the territory just because you feel like it, let me know first, so I can come and get you out of trouble."
— Hakan to Chenoa in River of Lost Bears, page 28

Hakan (hah-can) is a stocky,[1] large, full-grown, lean, muscular, scarred male black bear[2] with short, sharp claws.[3]


In the Return to the Wild arc

River of Lost Bears

Hakan is first mentioned when the seekers are in his territory. He gives them a fierce warning before walking away. Later, Toklo sees him attacking a she-bear, Chenoa, who is Hakan's sister. Toklo and Hakan fight, before Hakan flees.
Chenoa crawls out from some ragweed, and thanks Toklo. She tells him that Hakan hates her because he believes she caused their mother's death even though she sacrificed herself to save her from a firebeast. Chenoa later leaves Hakan to follow the Seeker bears.
Hakan later follows them and yells at Chenoa for leaving him, because he feels he has to protect her. Toklo tells her to follow him and leaves, not wanting to be responsible for another bear.
Later, Toklo, urged by Lusa, goes back for Chenoa. Hakan sees him and attacks him, nearly drowning him, before Chenoa stops him. She tells him that she is not a cub anymore, and she can live on her own. She tells him that he should mate and have cubs, and she'll visit him someday. She also tells him that if she has cubs, she'll tell them all about him. Hakan gets angry, saying she betrayed him, and storms off. 

The Longest Day

Hakan first appears during the tree-climbing contest. As soon as Lusa recognizes him, she freezes. Hakan demands to know where his sister is. Lusa tells him Chenoa died falling over a waterfall. Hakan flies into a rage and attacks Lusa, but is rebuked by the other bears. 
Hakan later ambushes Lusa to avenge Chenoa but is stopped by Kallik. Lusa asks Kallik not to hurt Hakan as he is grieving. The black bears take Hakan into their camp to help him.
Hakan is believed to have blocked the salmon river for the brown bears' fishing trial, later proven false.
Hakan is seen during the fire, carrying a black cub to its mother.


  • Hakan's name means 'snake'.[4] It also means "fire" in a different Native American Language.[5]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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