"Well, I would, but I've got a cramp in one hind leg."
— Hattack to his companion, in Great Bear Lake, page 219

Hattack (hat-tack) is a male grizzly bear cub.[1]


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Hattack is a grizzly bear cub who appears at the gathering at Great Bear Lake. His companion thinks that Hattack should swim to Paw Print Island because Hattack claimed that he can swim well, but Hattack claims that he has a cramp in his leg. His companion teases that he's scared, but Hattack protests, saying that it was true.

In the Return to the Wild arc

The Longest Day

Hattack is jealous and angry at Toklo for swimming to the island last sun-circle. He acts like Toklo wants to be the leader, but Toklo thinks it wasn't his plan at all. Hattack competes with Wenona while hunting a deer, frustrating Toklo as they don't see the prey escaping.
Hattack appears lying on the parley rock against Wenona's wishes and argues with Toklo.
He smells black bears on Toklo when the other bear gets back from rescuing Miki, telling Toklo to be loyal to his kind. 
When the brown bears discover that someone blocked their fishing river, Hattack blames the white bears and leads the other grizzlies off to fight them. Toklo stops the fight and everyone investigates the blockage. Hattack still suspects the white bears, and is then enraged when Akocha wins the trial.
Hattack beats all of his opponents in the fighting trial until he faces Toklo. Toklo suspects Hattack of cheating in his last fight by using his teeth and claws, and he starts doing the same to Toklo. Ujurak tells his friend to push Hattack's tired paws onto the sharp stones, and Toklo overpowers Hattack. 
On the Longest Day, Toklo asks Hattack to help him, Shesh, and Aiyanna lead their ceremony, and he does so.
Hattack is seen rolling in the shallows by Lusa upon her return three years later.


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    in Great Bear Lake, page 219

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