Arctic Ice 2

Ice spirits

Ice Spirits are the spirits of Polar Bears locked up in the Ice. When the ice melts, they go up into the stars. 


The Quest Begins

"A long time ago, long before bears walked the earth, a frozen sea shattered into peices, scattering tiny bits of ice across the darkness of the sky. Each of those peices of ice contains the spirit of a bear, and if you are good, and brave, and strong, one day your spirit will join them." -Nisa
"Mother?" Kallik asked. "Please tell me again about the spirits under the ice." Taqqiq gave a little huff of laughter, but Nisa touched her nose to her daughter's side with a serious expression. "When a white bear dies," She said, "It's spirit sinks into the ice, lower and lower, until all you can see is a shadow under the ice. But you shouldn't be frightened of them little star. The spirits are there to guide you if you are a good bear, they will always be there to take care of you and help you find food or shelter." -Nisa and Kallik
Taqqiq leaned over and peered at the bubble. "You know what mother says," He whispered. "The shapes below the ice are dead bears. They're watching you... right... now." -Taqqiq
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