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"I will. Another of our people lost a cub, just before you came to the island. She will have milk to give to Kissimi. Thank you for bringing him back."

Illa to Kallik

Illa is a adult female polar bear.[1]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

Aga said that she was the only one of her group to enter the cave of stars besides her mother and her mother before that but will bring Illa there next time before she dies, hinting that Illa may be Aga's succesor. Illa is upset Sura died, and is still looking for her cub, which Kallik named Kissimi, though Kallik didn't tell her about him.
At the end, when Kallik knows Kissimi can't travel with them, she gives him to Illa, saying that she found him on the mountain. Kissimi is content with Illa.

Family Tree


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