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Iluq (Ill-ook) is a female polar bear cub.


Iluq is an adventerous, outgoing and curious young cub. Iluq is born to Akna along with her brother,Kassuq.


Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

Iluq, her mother and brother are taken by no-claws and sent back to The Melting Sea in a Metal bird. Kallik thought Iluq reminded her of herself. Akna is protective of her cubs. When Iluq wakes up, she asks Akna for milk, but Akna has none.
While Kallik and Yakone hunt, Iluq and Kassuq play around in the water with driftwood. Lusa helps watch them. Iluq and Kassuq eat some of the seal Kallik and Yakone catch. When Toklo mentions catching a squirrel, Iluq shows a desire to catch something, though she is too young. Iluq and her brother want to help Kallik hunt for seal, but Lusa distracts them.
Lusa teaches them to build a shelter until two male bears are dropped off by a flying firebeast. Lusa and the cubs run, but Iluq gets her paw stuck in driftwood between a rock. The male bears are scary to Iluq, although when she first saw them she wanted to greet them to see if one was her father. Akna quickly came to the rescue, scaring away the males and freeing Iluq. Iluq and Kassuq are upset when Lusa leaves, and want to go with her.


  • She reminds Kallik of herself.
  • Her name means 'Frost' in Inuktitut.