"You're lucky to have each other. I've always loved being on my own. But now, knowing I'll soon have cubs depending on me - it all seems so much harder, some how. Especially with the firebeasts everywhere. How can I bring cubs into a world like this?"
— Iniq to Ujurak in Fire in the Sky, page 220

Iniq (in-ick) is a withered[1] female polar bear.[2]


In The Original Series arc

Fire in the Sky

While hiding in a mound of snow, she was met by traveling Kallik and Ujurak. At first she confronted them violently, but she was in no position to fight for she had cubs coming and was starving.
Kallik and Ujurak helped her build a den (which later got destroyed by a giant icebreaker) and Kallik also caught her a seal to eat. Kallik also told Iniq the story of Silaluk, as Iniq had never heard it before. When Kallik and Ujurak say goodbye, Iniq seems to not notice as she was scarfing down Kallik's seal.


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