"I'll be waiting, little bear."
— Iqaluk to Lusa in Great Bear Lake, page 325

Polar Bear

Book Appearances

Iqaluk  (i-ka-luck) is a young,[1] male[2] polar bear[3] with black eyes.[4] 


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

He is seen with his friends Salik, Manik, and Taqqiq eating the fish that Taqqiq had stolen from Kallik. Then he, along with his friends steals another fish off an old bear named Namak.
He also rampages the black bear's territory and cubnaps Miki. He chases Lusa into the lake, and one of his friends shouts to leave her because she had to come back eventually. Later, he and his friends chase Lusa, Miki and Ujurak, before Taqqiq decides to leave the group to travel with the Seekers.

In the Return to the Wild arc

The Melting Sea

Iqaluk is helping Salik drive bears away from their food and dens. He is seen mostly with Salik, and in the battle at the book's end he is driven away by Yakone. Also, after the battle, he calls the Seeker bears "weird."


  • Iqaluk's name means "fish" in Inuktitut. [5]


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