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The Iqniq is a natural light display that takes place in the sky up north of the world.

In the Seekers series, it has been called the Iqniq by the white bears and the Selamiut by the native flat-faces on Star Island.


In The Original Series arc

The Last Wilderness

The Iqniq is seen at the end where it appears above the rim of ice at the shore, and the bears decide that they have to go to the Endless Ice to save the wild.

Fire in the Sky

It is seen at the beginning where Ujurak confirms it means they have to go onto the ice.

Spirits in the Stars

Ujurak is worried when it doesn't appear in the sky. The white bears called it the 'Iqniq', and the native flat-faces called it the 'Selamiut'. When Ujurak dies and it does appear, the bears see animals in it, like hares, bears, musk oxen and even flat faces. Kissimi is astounded by it, and Sura and Nisa come to Kallik from it. Sura thanks her for looking after her cub, saying that Kallik knows what to do now- take Kissimi home, to the Star Island bears, where he belongs.


  • Iqniq means 'fire' in Inuktitut. [1]
  • This is mentioned in both books The Quest Begins and Great Bear Lake where Ujurak says that their destination will be marked by Fire in the Sky.
  • The book Fire in the Sky, was named after the Iqniq.