Island of Shadows

Island of Shadows (Location)

Bear term
Island of Shadows
Human term
Baffin Island
The Island of Shadows is an island near the Melting Sea.


Seekers:Return to the Wild

Island of Shadows

The Island of Shadows is where this book takes place. There are quite a few grolar bears is the Island of Shadows, as the polar bears and grizzlies live close to each other. The polar bears commonly hunt together, which is unusual, as polar bears usually live alone, or in the case of mother polar bears, with their cubs.

Known Residents

Grolar Bears

Baffin Island

Baffin Island

  • Nanulak
  • Unnamed Grolar bear family

Polar Bears

  • Kallik (temporarily)
  • Yakone (temporarily)
  • Tikaani
  • Tikaani's friends
  • Nanulak's father
  • Nanulak's father's friends
  • Unnamed she-bear
  • Unnamed male cub
  • Unnamed female cub

Black Bears

Grizzly Bears

  • Toklo (temporarily)
  • Nanulak's mother
  • Nanulak's half-siblings

There are several other unnamed grizzlies.


  • It is really Baffin Island.
  • It is currently the only place where grolar bears are found in the series.