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Kallik's Adventure is the second Seekers Manga. Kallik is featured on the cover, with herself, Taqqiq, and Nisa below.

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The Blurb

Polar bear cub Kallik and her brother, Taqqiq, live in a cozy den nestled into the side of a snowy hill. Their mother, Nisa, tells them endless stories of the outside world and Kallik and Taqqiq can't wait to explore everything. Nisa says they're too little to leave the den, but that won't stop them from sneaking out and having all sorts of thrilling adventures on their own.

Detailed Plot Summary

It starts with Nisa making a den, and telling Silaluk 's story to her unborn cubs. Three moons, later, Taqqiq and Kallik are playing in their snow den. Nisa tells them that Kallik means Lightning and Taqqiq means Moon. Later, Nisa is hungry and goes off to hunt, but tells her cubs to stay in the den. Kallik accidentally opens the den and they wander off. They meet a walrus, though think it's another bear and call him Muddy.

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