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Lusa's Tale was the third planned Seekers Manga.[3] Lusa is featured on the cover and on the rock, possibly with King, Yogi, and Stella or Ashia below the portrait. Yogi is most likely the smaller bear below, and King is most likely the one on the log.

This manga was cancelled after Tokyopop® discontinued its services in the US[4], causing much protest from the disappointed Seekers fans.

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The Blurb

Black bear cub Lusa and her brother, Yogi, live in the Bear Bowl, a curious place with fences on all sides. Every day, strange flat-faces come to watch Lusa and her family over the edge of the Bowl. This is the world that Lusa knows, but Lusa's father, King, tells her that no bear has ever left the Bowl, but that doesn't stop Lusa from having some thrilling adventures as she tries to learn about the world beyond!

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Black Bears


  • Yogi is mentioned to be Lusa's brother, although he is not.[5]
  • In The Quest Begins, Lusa is said to be completely black, but on the front cover of Lusa's Tale, she has a brown muzzle.[6] This mistake is also seen in other books.[7]


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