Seekers Manga

Seekers Manga Arc

Book No.
2 (released) 3 (total)
Time Period (planned)
February 9th, 2010 - January 2012[1]
Actual Time Period
February 9th, 2010 - February 8th, 2011

Seekers Manga is a series of Seekers books in manga style published by TokyoPop, written by the pseudonym Erin Hunter and illustrated by Bettina Kurkoski.


Toklo's Story

Grizzly cub Toklo dreams of one day being a great big bear who will rule the forest. He will mark his wide territory and hunt the biggest game, and his brother, Tobi, will forever be at his side. Other grizzlies may stalk the forest alone, but Toklo and Tobi will always have each other.
Yet for now, they're too little to defend themselves, and when a terrifying grizzly demands they leave his territory—or else—they have no choice but to abandon the only home they've ever known. Will Toklo be able to help his family find a new home—or will he just get them into even greater trouble?

Kallik's Adventure

Polar bear cub Kallik and her brother, Taqqiq, live in a cozy den nestled into the side of a snowy hill. Their mother, Nisa, tells them endless stories of the outside world and Kallik and Taqqiq can't wait to explore everything.
Nisa says they're too little to leave the den, but that won't stop them from sneaking out and having all sorts of thrilling adventures on their own.

Lusa's Tale

Black bear cub Lusa and her brother, Yogi, live in the Bear Bowl, a curious place with fences on all sides. Every day, strange flat-faces come to watch Lusa and her family over the edge of the Bowl.
This is the world that Lusa knows, but Lusa's father, King, tells her that no bear has ever left the Bowl, but that doesn't stop Lusa from having some thrilling adventures as she tries to learn about the world beyond!


The following characters appear in one or more of the Seekers Manga books.

Toklo's Story

Kallik's Adventure

Lusa's Tale



  1. Lusa's Tale was planned to be released in January 2012, but was never released due to TokyoPop shutting down in the United States.
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