"My name's Maniitok. And this isn't my territory. I live over there. But I'll warn you—it isn't safe to stay anywhere too long."
— Maniitok to Toklo in Forest of Wolves, page 24
Book Appearances

Maniitok is a huge, shaggy, old male grizzly bear with heavy paws.[1]


In the Return to the Wild arc

Forest of Wolves

Maniitok first appears soon after Toklo and the others enter the forest, when they are about to fall asleep after hunting. At first, he is ready to defend himself, but when Toklo explains that they are just resting, he becomes a little friendlier. He is astonished by Lusa, Kallik, and Yakone, but he tells them about the wolves that have taken over the forest. When Toklo says the wolves don't seem to be bothering him, he explains that he is too old to be a threat. As he is leaving, he warns them about a bear named Old Grizzly that they should try to avoid.
Maniitok appears again when Lusa is looking for him with Makya. He is surprised to see Lusa, but quickly becomes excited when she tells him about the plan to chase the wolves out of the forest. He tells Lusa that he will help.
When Maniitok appears again, he is seen listening to Yakone explain the traps. Maniitok says that he wants to fight, but Toklo tells him that they need his speed. Lusa and Toklo are surprised at how fast he is when he quickly outpaces Aiyanna and Makya while going to his position. When Lusa is looking for him, he appears beside her and scares her. Maniitok is very happy as he tells Lusa that the wolf chase is the most fun he's had in years. When Lusa and Maniitok see the wolves, he tells Kallik to rest, and then he starts chasing them. Lusa and Maniitok split up when some of the wolves run the wrong way, but when Ujurak chases them back, Maniitok is seen waiting before chasing them again. Maniitok starts growing tired near the end of the chase, but he manages to stay strong, and when the avalanche starts, he saves Lusa and helps her out of the snow. Maniitok is last seen celebrating with the others after the wolves are gone.


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