"I don't like this. I say we let him go. He's going to cause nothing but trouble."
— Manik about Miki in Great Bear Lake, page 338

Polar Bear

Book Appearances

Manik (mah-nik) is a young male polar bear.[1]


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Manik is part of a a group of polar bears consisting of Salik, IqalukTaqqiq, and himself.  They are often times found stealing prey and terrorizing other polar bears.  He and the rest of the group are trying to convince the other polar bears to drive out the black bears so the polar bears can have more food. He chases Lusa, Miki, and Ujurak. Taqqiq then leaves the group and Manik is not seen again until The Melting Sea.

In the Return to the Wild arc

The Melting Sea

Manik helps Salik and his group chase away the Seeker bears and Shila from their new den after wrestling Toklo.
When Salik's group is ambushed, Manik attacks Lusa, but Toklo leaps in and the two drive him off.


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