Metal bird


Bear Term
Metal bird
Human term
Book Appearences

Metal bird is the bear term for a helicopter.


Seekers:The Original Series

The Quest Begins

Kallik and Nanuk are lifted into the sky from a net attached to a metal bird.
On the way to its destination, the metal bird fell from the sky, and one of the bears it was carrying, Nanuk, was killed from the fall.

The Last Wilderness

The men use a metal bird to carry Ujurak to an ambulance, and then to the hospital.

Spirits in the Stars

A Metal Bird causes an avalanche, which kills Ujurak.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

Kallik recognises the remains of the metal bird that crashed with her and Nanuk in it when she was a cub. She digs frantically to find Nanuk's body, but soon realises that Nanuk's body would have gone by now. A Metal Bird drops Akna and her two cubs by the Melting Sea.

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