"I'm sorry, Lusa. My place is in the forest. With other bears like me."
— Miki to Lusa in Great Bear Lake, page 390
Miki (mee-kee) is a male black bear with a white patch of fur on his chest,[1] round, fluffy ears,[2] and brown eyes.[3] 


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Miki meets Lusa during the gathering at Great Bear Lake. Miki quickly befriends Lusa after she is forced to leave the grizzly bear area. He tells her that he and his family were traveling to Great Bear Lake, and his parents went into a flat-face den, looking for food. Miki says he waited, but they never came out.[2] He said he could smell something smoky and he could smell blood, suggesting that they were dead.[4] Quickly changing the subject, he invites her for a grub hunt, in which Lusa becomes puzzled, considering she has never tasted them in her life of captivity and her short expedition in the wild.
Later, Lusa and Miki climb a tall tree and see the three types of bears around the large lake; The polar bears, the grizzly bears, and their own, black bears.
He is later stolen by Taqqiq, Salik, and other polar bears of Salik's gang. Kallik convinces Taqqiq to release Miki and he finally does.
At the end of the book, Lusa invites him to join her to travel to the Place of Everlasting Ice, but he refuses, saying that he belongs in the forest with his own kind.

In the Return to the Wild arc

The Longest Day

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  • His name means "Little" in Inuktitut.[5]


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