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"We decided to call him 'Muddy' because he is the same color as mud."
Kallik about Muddy, in Kallik's Adventure, page 39

Muddy is a young male walrus.[1]


In the Seekers Manga

Kallik's Adventure

Muddy is a young male walrus that Kallik and Taqqiq consider a friend.
Kallik and Taqqiq think that Muddy is another bear. Muddy and the cubs play many times when Nisa is away hunting. Kallik and Taqqiq go to look for Muddy once, only for a full grown walrus to appear.
Not knowing the danger of walruses, they walk up to it thinking it might be Muddy's mother and ask her if Muddy can play. The walrus chases them away and begins the destroy their birthden, but luckily Nisa comes and saves her cubs.
Nisa later tracks Muddy and Kallik and Taqqiq have to save him by explaining to Nisa that he was their friend. Nisa is confused, but doesn't blame them for a genuine mistake. As she leads them away, Kallik thinks that she'll never forget Muddy.

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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