"But all of a sudden it hits us both. The big brown mama bear is looking at us like she wants to hurt us."
Kallik about Muddy's Mother in Kallik's Adventure, page 49


Muddy's Mother is a large, female walrus with large tusks.[1]


In the Seekers Manga

Kallik's Adventure

When Kallik and Taqqiq call for Muddy, an enormous female walrus appears.  They asks if Muddy can come and play, but Kallik realizes that the walrus is looking at them as if she wants to hurt them. Kallik and Taqqiq flee to their BirthDen, but the walrus rears up and crashes her tusks into the entrance, and continues to do so while the cubs cry for Nisa.
Just as the walrus opens the entrance, Nisa appears, and attacks the walrus, shouting at it to get away from her cubs.  After a brief fight, the walrus gives up and leaves, and Nisa pulls Kallik and Taqqiq out from the collapsed den.

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  1. Revealed in Kallik's Adventure, page 48
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