"My son! I thought I'd never see you again!"
— Nanulak's mother to Nanulak in Island of Shadows, page 278
Nanulak's Mother

Grizzly Bear

Mate: Unnamed polar bear

Sons: Nanulak, Unnamed grizzly bear

Daughter: Unnamed grizzly bear
Book Appearances

Nanulak's mother is an unnamed female grizzly bear.[1]


In the Return to the Wild arc

Island of Shadows

Nanulak's mother appears after Toklo attacks her mate, who is Nanulak's father
She is delighted and relieved to see her son, who despises her. She loves Nanulak, even though he doesn't love her or her mate. Nanulak tries to attack her, but she stays out of his way, not wanting to hurt her son. Even though she tries to convince Nanulak to stay, he refuses, and runs off.

Family Tree


  1. Revealed

    in Island of Shadows, page 278

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