"Don't be afraid. Remember the story of the Great Bear. No matter what happens, the ice will always return. And all the bears gather on the edge of the sea to meet it. Silaluk will always get back on her paws. She's a survivor, and so are we."
— Nisa to Kallik and Taqqiq in The Quest Begins, page 4

Nisa (nee-sah) is a massive,[1] snow-white female polar bear with massive shoulders,[2] massive paws,[3] giant claws,[4] a black nose,[5] soft fur,[6] black eyes,[7] and massive forelegs.[8]


In the Seekers Manga

Kallik's Adventure

She digs a den and prays for the ice to come back. In her den, she tells her unborn cubs the story of Silaluk. Four months later, her cubs were seen playing in their den while she rests. Nisa tells her cubs what their names meant before ushering them to sleep.
When Kallik and Taqqiq hide, terrified in their den, Nisa chases a furious female walrus away from them since the walrus was trying to dig them out. Nisa begins to track Kallik and Taqqiq's baby walrus friendMuddy, but Kallik and Taqqiq manage to chase him away before she can find him. At first, she was angry about their prey escaping and then confused about her cubs being friends with Muddy, then she says that she couldn't be angry at them for making a genuine mistake.

In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

She is a very good hunter and tries to pass on her skills and experiences to her cubs, Kallik, and Taqqiq. She knows a lot about the legends of the Great Bear, Silaluk, and often tells the stories to them. When the ice melts early, she and her cubs have to swim many times from ice chunk to ice chunk to get to dry land.
In one of the water crossings, Kallik and Taqqiq are too tired to swim, so Kallik goes first on her mother's back. While passing through, orcas attack Nisa and Kallik, and Nisa tells Kallik to go back on land. She then fights the orcas. Nisa tries to get on the ice but is pulled in the dark water by the orcas and is eaten.
She appears to Kallik as a spirit several times.

Spirits in the Stars

Nisa appears to Kallik when Kallik is in doubt about keeping Kissimi. Nisa reveals that Kallik was thinking of how Kallik had nobody to look after her when Nisa died and believes that Kissimi needed help. Nisa tells Kallik that Kissimi has family on Star Island, but tells Kallik that it is her choice whether she should give Kissimi back, or keep him.

In the Return to the Wild arc

Forest of Wolves

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  • Nisa means 'nice' in Romanian.[9]


"I think I'll tell you a story. Would you like that, my little cubs?"
—Nisa offering to tell a story to her cubs Kallik's Adventure, page 3

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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