Oil is a sticky, stinky black substance usually contained in oil rigs. It is a fossil fuel used by humans for several purposes. 

It is highly dangerous if it leaks from oil rigs and into the ocean, since it pollutes the water and animals may get covered in it or swallow it.  It is especially dangerous to birds, as the oil sticks to their feathers and prevents them from flying.


In The Original Series arc

The Last Wilderness

The Caribou People have a meeting with some people from a city, who want to mine the land for oil. Human-Ujurak doesn't have the slightest idea what oil is, so his nurse, Janet, shows him some that was being used to fix the door. Toklo falls into a puddle of it and gets some on his fur, much to his disgust.

Fire in the Sky

Lusa and Toklo accidentally swim in some oil, and when Lusa is rescued by some humans, she is cleaned by them. They become confused when they thought that the oil wasn't coming out of her fur, but they then realize that she is a black bear.

Spirits in the Stars

The bears destroy an oil rig by making a herd of caribou stampede it.

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