This is the page about Toklo's daughter. For Toklo's mother who was also named Oka, see Oka (TQB).
"Lusa recognized Aiyanna's face in the she-cubs, as well as Toklo's solemn gaze."
Lusa thinking about Oka in The Longest Day, page 302

Oka (oh-ka) is a female grizzly bear cub.[1]


Return to the Wild

The Longest Day

When Lusa sees Toklo at the Longest Day Gathering, she sees Aiyanna playing tag with a cub, and she asks if she is his. Toklo nods and says that she is called Oka, and he blocks Oka's path as she hurtles toward him and he scoops her up into a hug, nuzzling her lovingly. Lusa recognizes Aiyanna's face in the cub, as well as Toklo's solemn gaze, and she introduces herself as an old friend of her father as Toklo lets his daughter slither to the ground. Oka shyly murmurs that she is Lusa, and Toklo says that they told her all about her, Kallik, and Yakone. Miki comes toward them and Lusa shows Toklo her cubs, and Aiyana trots to meet them, Oka at her heels.
When Toklo and Lusa find Kallik, her son, Chulyin, gazes at Yogi, Ashia, and Oka, and he asks what they are doing. Toklo explains that Oka is her daughter and Chulyin goes to play with them, his brother Suka following. Kallik notes that Toklo named his daughter after his mother.


  • She is named after Toklo's mother, Oka.[2]


Lusa: "Toklo! Is she yours?"
Toklo: "She's called Oka."
Lusa: "I'm an old friend of your father."
Oka: "You're Lusa."
Toklo: "We told her all about you. And Kallik and Yakone."
—Lusa meeting Oka The Longest Day, page 302

Chulyin: "What are they doing on our shore?"
Lusa: "Yogi and Ashia are my cubs."
Toklo: "Oka's my daughter."
Chulyin: "Can we play with them? come on, Suka! We can teach them our new game."
—Chulyin, Lusa, and Toklo about Oka and the other cubs The Longest Day, page 304

"And you've named your daughter after your mother!"
—Kallik to Toklo about Oka The Longest Day, page 304

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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