"What our sister says is true. In some places the river has dried up, while in others they burst their banks and drown the land around for many bearlengths. There are fewer fish to eat, fewer roots and berries to be found."
— Oogrook about food shortage in Great Bear Lake, page 217
Oogrook (oo-grook) is an old[1] male[1] grizzly bear.[2]


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Oogrook is described by Shesh as the oldest and wisest grizzly bear present at the gathering.
At Great Bear Lake, Oogrook said that a bear should swim out to Paw Print Island to impress Arcturus so that the salmon would return.
Toklo was chosen by Shoteka, and later, Oogrook welcomes Toklo back from Paw Print Island by receiving the salmon Toklo caught and presenting it to the rest of the bears, showing them that Toklo has brought the salmon back to the river.

​In the Return to the Wild arc

The Longest Day

In the first chapter, Lusa finds out that Oogrook died during the earthsleep. Later, Toklo found this out.



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